Construction & Installation

Proper construction of the filter box, preparation of the media, and installation of the sand is challenging, but is of critical importance to the effectiveness of the biosand filter. This section of the website explores some of the challenges which the BSF technician may face.

Designs & Modifications

Why is the present V10 biosand filter the way that it is? What about building a filter out of PVC pipe, or sheet metal? What is a Kanchan filter? This section of the website looks at the history and rational behind the biosand filter design, and alternative designs for the biosand filter.

Operation & Maintenance

The biosand filter is a living ecosystem. This section explores challenges related to how to use and maintain a biosand filter to ensure it remains effective.


Results of trials showing biosand filter performance at removing different contaminants and under different conditions.

Project Implementation
Support for starting or improving your biosand filter project.                                                                                                                                                        
Biosand Filter

Latest additions

E. coli removal was higher in the initial filter effluent (corresponding to water which had remained in the filter during the residence period) than filter effluent later in the filter run. (, 2008)
Quarry sand was better than river or ocean sand in the first months after filter installation, but by one year there was no difference. (Duke, W.; Mazumder, A. 2008)
BSFs performed nearly as well after 4 years of use. Households with poorer filter performance tended to over-clean their filter, indicating that more training was necessary. (Fewster, E.; Mol, A.; Wiessent-Brandsma, C. 2004)