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Evaluation of household drinking water filter distribution programs in Haiti; Rayner, J.; Murray, A.; Joseph, M.; Branz, A.; Lantagne, D., 2016
The biosand filter can function in a variety of climates and temperatures, but requires time to adapt to change. The filters should not be allowed to freeze, as this negatively affects the filter's ability to remove bacteria.
Vinegar-amended anaerobic biosand filter for the removal of arsenic and nitrate from groundwater; Snyder, K.V.; Webster, T.M.; Upadhyaya, G.; Hayes, K.F.; Raskin, L., 2016
Reduction of MS2 bacteriophage and rotavirus in biosand filters; Wang, H.; Li, M.; Brockman, K.; Nguyen, T.H., 2016
Effects of physical disturbances on media and performance of household-scale slow sand (BioSand) filters; Mahaffy, N.C.; Dickson, S.; Cantwell, R.E.; Lucier, K.; Schuster-Wallace, C.J., 2015
Sand compaction and reductions in flow rate occurred as a result of physical disturbances (side impacts and filter movement) to Hydraid biosand filters.