Where can I find a BSF mold manufacturer in country X ?

We maintain a list of Concrete Biosand Filter mold manufacturers here:  

If you know a reliable mold manufacturer that is not listed. You can submit their details using this form:

Diffuser Basins update and molds with no ledge

The diffuser plate is often a weak link in the BSF.  It gets damaged or bent, has a shorter lifespan and does not always properly protect the biolayer.  We would like to see a better option than the sheet metal diffuser basin - it's hard to make and more expensive.

Video on how to build a steel mold

These videos illustrate how to build a biosand filter steel mold. There are 2 videos, part 1 and part 2.
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Can you make the mold out of aluminum rather than steel?

You can certainly build the mold out of aluminum but it will probably cost about 3 - 5 times more and be much more difficult to weld. You have to be a specialty welder to handle aluminum whereas any welder can handle steel. The material cost would also be more.

What is the difference between a rectangular and cylindrical biosand filter?

There really isn't any big difference between the round filter and the square filter.

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